Blocked Drains

There’s not much worse than blocked drain, and of course it usually occurs at the worst possible time, like when guests have just arrived.

McComb Plumbing have just the tools to fix blocked drains quickly and efficiently, like inspection cameras that lets you see exactly what is going on down below. And when the problem is located, specialist tools to clear the blockage.DrainCam1

The blockage might not be just something that has fallen down the pipe though. Even with modern PVC fittings, maybe there is a crack. It only needs to let a little bit of moisture out and a plant or tree root will find it very quickly. And the fine root will penetrate the crack and before long you have a root ball inside the pipe. Blocked Drain!

Or even if it is something small that has gone down there, an accumulation of grease and fat from the kitchen will still build up around it and the drain will become slowly blocked.

So call McComb Plumbing and an experienced plumber will sort out any drain blockage problems quickly and efficiently.